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Dedicated server - Special offer *
Dedicated server - Special offer
There is no specific configuration for each one and may vary depending of available hardware. If desired configuration cannot be provided we will ask your accept for changes to match the closest one. This is a self managed rental service. Free OS reinstall, reboot (via ticket)
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La 3 domenii inregistrare, beneficiati de o reducere de
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.com gratuit + PRO2/3luni
Inregsitrare gratuita domenii .com, .net sau .org pentru abonamente PRO2 cu plata trimestriala.Valabilitate promotie
01.10.2013 - 30.12.2013
Oferta !
.com gratuit + PRO3/3luni
Inregsitrare gratuita domenii .com, .net sau .org pentru abonamente PRO3 cu plata trimestriala. Valabilitate promotie
01.10.2013 - 30.12.2013

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